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Monday, June 19

Location: Seattle
Miles Travelled: 6246
Time Zone: GMT-8 (PST)

Firstly, I have to say a big giant Happy Birthday to my favourite little monkey - my niece Mia is 6 today! Here she is minding her little cousin Ella.

Also, Happy Birthday to a slightly bigger monkey, my baby bro' Paul - he's just turned the big two five! (Feeling old yet P?)

So we've been in Seattle a couple of days now, but since we haven't said a word about Vancouver yet, we'd better bring you up to date on how things went there first!

Our first impressions of Vancouver were from the aeroplane and the view is absolutely amazing!! Snow-capped mountains, forests and lakes all around... Not exactly the view you get when landing in Shannon!
As soon as we landed in Vancouver we got another nice surprise - Vivek was on holidays there and was coming to meet us at the airport! Not usually how you'd expect someone to want to spend their last day in a city! It was great that he did come to the airport cos we were just a tiny bit overloaded with luggage and the extra help was great... We headed off to the hostel and on the way there agreed to follow Viv's suggestion of doing a bit of a hike in the nearby mountains.
This involved a trip on public transport - not too many places have a SeaBus as part of their transport system, I'd imagine? Follow that up with a normal old bus struggling to get halfway up a mountain - we thought we might have to get out and push at one stage!
Amber in Toronto had suggested we do this trail - it's called the "Grouse Grind" and is very popular. Now we know why she's never done it herself!! The pain...
It took us two and a quarter hours, and that wasn't quite as slow as is possible! Once we got to the top, the views were amazing but none of us were quite sure it was worth the pain - especially Jane who's vowed never to do it again!!! Ever.

We had planned several things that we'd like to do in Vancouver, but due to total exhaustion from the hike (Jane would like to remind you that we did the hike straight after a 5 hour flight), we didn't do much for the next two days, except recover! And yes, it did take that long...but we did make some new friends, Bearrister the Bear and a sweet lil old lady who didn't give us her name!

Wednesday night we went to a Comedy club, which had some really good comedians and since it was a pro-am night, there were some not so good ones too... Cringeworthy stuff. More good than bad though, so worth the extremely expensive door-price - $3!

Thursday we went to the Aquarium. Jane's been laughing at me since I first told her the reason why I wanted to go there - if anyone else remembers the tv programme "Danger Bay", they might understand! My memory of the show is that the two kids in the show were always rescuing marine animals and messing about on boats, and their Dad worked in or ran the Vancouver Aquarium. So there you go - kids do watch too much tv!
In any case, it was well worth the visit and we got to see some Beluga Whales, some reef sharks, dolphins, a giant sea lion and lots of other fish/mammals/sea creatures. That particular aquarium has an Amazon exhibit, which includes crocodiles, spiders, birds, snakes and the largest freshwater fish in the world! No idea what it's called but it was BIG!!

Jane and I had great fun turning the amazon exhibit into a life-sized "Where's Wally?" game - they had signs telling us what creatures were supposed to be there, and yet no sign of several of them. I think she was the only person who spotted the Sloths curled up hidden high on the walls, or the pygmy monkey that we wanted to put in our pockets and bring home with us!
We also managed to find Nemo!

That's pretty much it from Vancouver, it's a nice place but we felt it was a little soul-less... Maybe that's just cos we didn't go to the right places.


grainne said...

Hi girls - sounds like you're having a great time - still taking things easy here in meath! yay!

Have fun


10:37 AM, June 20, 2006  
Ellabella said...

Hi Aunty Angie
it looks like ye are having fun. I love reading about all the things you are doing. the aquarium looks lovely but i might be afraid of the water. miss you. love youso much. hugs & kisses and keep sending the postcards till i put my stickers on the map
ella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7:46 PM, June 21, 2006  
tierney said...

Freaky, was trying to think of where Danger Bay was based the other day, cos I loved the house beside the water where the kids live.

10:34 AM, July 04, 2006  
tierney said...

Freaky, I was just thinking of the house where the kids and their dad lived in Danger Bay. Didn't know it was Vancouver!!

10:35 AM, July 04, 2006  

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