This blog covers our trip around the world in 2006. We will post here with news of where we are and what we've been up to. Enjoy! Ang & Jane

Friday, December 22

Location: Bangkok
Miles Travelled: 37924
Time Zone: GMT + 07:00

We caught our flight to Bangkok on the 3rd and once we landed we grabbed a taxi to our hotel. We dumped our stuff and went to have some brunch and luckily for me we managed to find somewhere that served Bulmers - I was very very happy as it had been way too long! We lingered there for awhile and then headed back to our hotel and asked if we could leave luggage with them while we went down to the islands and they said yes so we spent the next while sorting out what to leave and what to take. After that we had dinner and updated the blog. The next day we had another early flight to catch south to Surat Thani. We had no idea how we were going to get to Koh Pangnan once we arrived but thankfully we didn't have to figure it out as there was a coach at the airport waiting to transport all those heading to the islands. We hopped onboard and drove to the port where we had lunch before jumping on a boat to Koh Pangnan. Once in Koh Pangnan we had an interesting taxi ride with 12 other people to Haad Rin which is where we were staying and where the Full Moon Party is held. The taxi's there and in most of Thailand are like pick-up trucks with roofs over the back - very secure I don't think! In the taxi we met an Irish couple Alan and Emma who ended up coming to check out our hotel as a place to stay - it didn't have any rooms left for them so they found somewhere else. We tried contacting Gina and Eimear during the evening but no joy so we headed into town for dinner and a few drinks. On our way back to our hotel we bumped into Alan and Emma and decided to head towards the beach for another one. We were joined by two guys Paddy and Wes that we'd met at the pier earlier and so of course it turned into a session. It was a great night until at about 2.30 I discovered much to my horror that my camera and wallets had been taken from my bag from under our table. As I hadn't planned a big night I had brought them out which of course was very silly as the beachs are reknowned for pickpockets. I tried to not let it ruin my night and continued dancing like a lunatic for another hour or so before we headed home. The next morning we were just getting ready to leave when Eimear and Gina knocked on our door - it was great to have finally made contact. We chatted over brekkie and arranged to meet that evening after Ang and I travelled to Thong Sala to report all the stuff stolen. After reporting the evil deed we wandered round the shops before heading back to Haad Rin and meeting the girls in the Outback Bar. It was the Kings Birthday and so there was no alcohol being served that night - probably a good thing considering the previous night and the fact that the Full Moon Party was the following day. So we sipped on soft drinks and watched a couple of movies in the bar.

The next day we awoke to Monsoon like weather which we discovered was the tail end of Typhoon Durian which caused havoc in the Philipines. Everyone spent the day with long faces on watching dvd's and the awful weather. We met another couple Paul and Jill who were in our hotel and chatted with them for a few hours before heading off to get ready for the party. Our hotel had a buffet on so we grabbed some food at that before heading in to town to meet up with Eimear and Gina. On the way we bumped into Alan and Emma again who were headed for the beach. Once we'd met the girls we headed to the beach to meet the others. Alan had bought some paint and we all ended up with various things painted on us which was cool. The beach was mobbed and the music was blaring from every bar all along it. Any bit of beach that didn't have a bar now had little stalls set up mostly selling the famous "buckets". And they are as they appear buckets filled with drink - I decided to try one and eventually managed to finish it! Ang decided to head home at around 1 and so the girls and I walked her to the hotel (which was on the same beach luckily) and then I stayed on. We had said we'd stay on till daylight dawned and that is exactly what we did...dancing away while the sun rose which was amazing - I just loved being on that beach!

The next day the weather was still really bad so after a late start we wandered into town and popped into a bar to watch a movie. There was a big power cut at 6 so when Gina and Eimear arrived we just ordered some food and chatted for awhile. Afterwards we wandered round a few shops, booked our travel to Koh Tao and had some yummy pancakes for dessert. The next day the weather was still bad so we did pretty much the same thing, headed into town shopping and watched a dvd. We met up with Eimear and Gina at 7ish and headed down to the beach for a few drinks. Paul and Jill joined us and we had a great night and ended up out till the wee small hours. The next day we were leaving for Koh Tao and so after brekkie we got our taxi to the pier where we met Eimear and Gina and boarded the boat. We arrived on Koh Tao at about 2.30 and after a short spin in to see a resort we started to discover that everywhere was full and ended up spending a nightmarish few hours searching for somewhere to stay. We ended up on the south of the island which was beautiful. That evening Ang stayed in the hotel as she was feeling a bit ill and the girls are I went for a walk along the beach and checked out what was around.

The next day we finally got our chance to go lie on a beach as the weather was scorching so thats exactly what we did. Gina had her first day of her diving course so she had to leave at 12ish. After sunbathing we all met up and headed for dinner and a movie and then went tp the Eazy Bar overlooking and overhanging the beach for a drink - I love that bar! We should have known it was too good to last and it was...the weather was rubbish the next day which was unfortunate cos Eimear and I had decided to rent quad bikes. We ended up settling for mopeds but they were still cool. Ang hopped on the back of mine and we headed off to explore the island inbetween torrential showers of rain. It only took a few hours to travel every road there was to travel and so we returned to the resort and met up with Gina. Unfortunetly Gina had discovered that diving was not for her and so was a little down as she had had to quit her course. We had dinner and chilled out and then Ang and I spent a few hours organising our travel to Chiang Mai in north Thailand.

The next day Ang and I were going diving and Gina and Eimear decided to come along on the boat and go snorkelling. The diving was fantastic and both Ang and I really enjoyed both dives. The first was at Shark Island where unfortunetly we didn't see any sharks and the second was Au Lauk bay where we went snorkelling too. The girls had a pretty miserable time as the water was a lot choppier than we'd thought and they both felt pretty ill. After the diving we took a rest in the resort before heading out for dinner. We said farewell to the girls for awhile as they were heading to Koh Samui the following day and we were headed to Bangkok on our way to Chiang Mai. But we were all to meet up again in a weeks time in Bangkok.


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